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  • Made with 100% Natural ingredients.
  • High Fibre, No added Colours, Flavours, Additives,
  •      Sugar, Preservatives, Fillers or Stabilizers. 


    Nutritional Info:- Serving size 10 g


Energy              Kcal         34.70

Proteins               g             1.75

Carbohydrate    g              6.47

Sugar                   g             1.70

Fat                       g             0.22

Cholestrol        mg           < 1.0

Vitamin A          IU             542

Calcium           mg          12.38

 Iron                 mg             0.60




Serving suggestions: -

  • One teaspoon to be mixed with a glass of cold water. To this add juice of one lemon, ginger & honey. 
  • Consume 1-2 times per day.
  • Can be added to yoghurt, energy drinks, smoothies & used as dips. 
  • Can be added to a glass of butter milk add ginger.


Best before 11 months from packing.

MRP Inclusive of taxes Rs 150/-. Country of origin - INDIA. Net Qty 150 g. Manufactured by - V R Organics, 5-5-249 Shivanagar, Station Bazar Road, Yadgir 585202. FSSAI No 11218330000053

Customer care - 7738471911 / 8291439270

Sprouted Green Gram with Beetroot & Carrot

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  • Ingredients:- Sprouted Green gram with Raw Carrot & raw Beetroot

    • This juice mixture contains 65 gms of RAW vegetable.


    • This juice mixture is an excellent combination of protein, vitamins, minerals and high dietary fibre.


    • Consuming carrot and beetroot raw or steamed gives the maximum nutrition.


    • Both carrot and beetroot are rich sources of antioxidants.


    • Beetroot is a good source of iron and carrot is rich in Vit A


    • Beetroot is known to improve exercise tolerance.


    • The juice mixture is low in calorie & low fat, high in dietary fibre hence aids weight loss.


    • Green gram sprout is nourishing and an easily digestible complex carbohydrate. In the sprouting process the seeds make use of the carbohydrates as a source of generation of the shoot or sprout which is one of the reasons they are termed as low calorie.


    • Sprouts are powerhouses of excellent protein minus fat and cholesterol. The bioavailability of minerals in the green gram is enhanced after sprouting.


    • Beetroot and carrots contain good amount of essential minerals.


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