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Healthy Flour

Bake Away Poor Nutrition With Healthy Flour in India

No matter what you want to make to eat, it’s essential that you’re putting healthy food into your body. At V R Organics, our healthy flour is loved by vegans and vegetarians. We offer millets, which are gluten-free, have no saturated fats and are high in antioxidants. They’re low on the glycemic index and can help keep your blood sugar levels consistent.


Our flours are all nutritional superfoods, precooked and ready for you to use right away. Add them to a milkshakes or smoothies as a malt for extra protein. Call us today at +91 8291439270 or +91 7738471911 to learn more about our healthy flour and how it can help you eat healthier. We offer pearl millet, bajra, ragi, finger millet, sorghum, jowar and green gram. Visit us online at to find out more about all the healthy ingredients, powders and relishes we have to offer.

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