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Fresh Root Turmeric

Get Healthy Fast with Fresh Root Turmeric from VR Organics

Made from 100 percent natural ingredients, fresh root turmeric from V R Organics is a safe, healthy way to add more fiber and vitamins to your diet. There are no added colors, flavors or additives, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. These sun-dried turmeric roots have a bold, naturally orange color that shows that they’ve truly soaked up all the benefits of the sun.


Fresh root turmeric is rich in minerals, promotes clear, healthy skin, and can be added to food or water and consumed up to twice a day. Mix it with honey, water, yoghurt or other foods, take it after a meal, and see the results. Call us to buy your turmeric at +91 8291439270 or +91 7738471911, and let us help you learn about all the benefits it can provide to your overall health and well-being. Buy it online at

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